Managed Azure FinOPS

Managed Azure FinOPS

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You can outsource the setting up and execution of Cloud cost management to Thornstein Groep. Our approach, developed specifically for Azure, is based on collaboration between business and engineers. Unnecessary costs are prevented by jointly mapping out the financial impact of business decisions on the one hand and technical solutions on the other (in advance). This also makes the organization more cost-conscious and there is more awareness that there is a direct relationship between decisions and costs in the cloud. Cloud cost management is a function that must be performed on a continuous basis, where continuous open communication between stakeholders is essential for optimal results

Thornstein Group does this by focusing on four components:

  • Structuring, setting up a cloud cost / finops governance
  • Informing, making cost reports and (internal) training
  • Analyze, insights into utilization, trends and opportunities for cost savings
  • Advise, make business cases, propose cost savings

The approach and guidelines used herein have been developed on the basis of the FinOPS framework of the FinOPS foundation.

We deliver a hands-on approach, in which Thornstein Groep takes an active role in planning and chairing cloud cost management meetings, and is approachable for internal issues in the field of cost reporting or budget estimates. We emphatically do not focus on just achieving quick wins. The big profit with FinOPS lies precisely in the repetitive nature of critically looking at the Cloud spend and learning from the cost-saving actions taken.

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Onboarding and Implementation

In the onboarding phase, we will analyze the current set-up and on that basis jointly determine and implement a cost management governance. We will also analyze the current cloud spend with the internally available tooling and quick wins will be indicated. (If there is no tooling, the tooling that Microsoft makes available free of charge will be used). To inform every stakeholder, knowledge sessions will be organized at various levels, which will be fed with organisation-specific data.

Analysis current environment and organization
Set up governance including review and coordination
Implement talk structureThree knowledge sessions (2 hour session + preparation)
Technical session (tagging, reserved instances, AHUB)
Management session (budget, policy, administrative process)
Reports based on existing (or Azure native) tooling

Azure Cost Management Service

After the initial onboarding, the cloud cost management service starts.

Recurring work

Participate in / chair Cloud Cost Management meeting

  • Operational consultations (monthly)
  • Tactical consultations (every two months)
  • Strategic consultation (every six months)
  • Preparation and report
Reporting Azure Cloud usage based on MS Azure tooling and Cost Management App in MS PowerBI

Help desk function

  • Answering questions and explaining internal reporting
  • 4 hours per month included
  • Acting on anomalies
Analysis of internal reporting with suggestions for improvement on three points:

  • Reserved Instances or Savings Plan
  • Usage and rightsizing
  • Azure Hybrid Use Benefit (AHUB)
License analysis

  • Every quarter
  • Scope MS Windows Server and MS SQL
  • Client must provide entitlements and use on premises for this
Support business cases / budget estimates

  • Technical details will be provided
  • Based on MS Azure Cost Calculator
  • 1 case per month included
Maintain Cloud Cost Management Governance
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