Cloud migration

Are you migrating to the cloud?

Is it transparent and straightforward?

Thornstein offers a realistic insight of the financial impact of a cloud migration and related software licensing. Whether you want to migrate to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google or another cloud provider, Thornstein Groep can assist on this journey.

Whether you switch from on-premise to cloud computing or from the cloud of your current provider to the cloud of another provider: a cloud migration has a lot of work to do. Not only does a cloud migration have an impact at the time of migration itself, but also (and perhaps even: just) before and after the cloud migration there is a lot of work to be done to ensure that business operations are affected as little as possible by the cloud migration.

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cloud migration by thornstein groep

Cloud migratie: voorbereidende fase

Good preparation is crucial for the end result of the migration. Good preparation requires first of all a thorough preliminary study of various options in the area of cloud providers. If you are already using a cloud solution, it is important to have a clear overview of the pros and cons of your current cloud provider, so that you know what you want to achieve by migrating to a new provider.

Once you have selected the right provider, negotiations begin. Once the contract is complete, the time has come to instruct the entire company accurately about the imminent change and to make a realistic planning.

Thornstein is at your service if you are looking for a partner who is familiar with the pain points of the preparatory phase and can assist you decisively and specialist in this. Our specialists will keep an overview, know the pitfalls and will anticipate them in order to manage the preparation of your cloud migration.

A seamless and trouble-free migration

Probably there are few people on the shop floor with experience of a cloud migration. Your staff members who have experience with this, have probably experienced the migration more from the sidelines. This is what makes the implementation of a migration difficult: nobody knows exactly what to expect and what the possible complications are, making anticipation difficult.

A Thornstein specialist has already managed numerous cloud migrations from and to different cloud providers. So no technical or other side effects come as a surprise to him.

Cost savings
Your IT budget is fixed, but did you know that with that budget you can do much more than you thought until now? We know what is possible within the software world and are happy to negotiate for you with major software providers. With us, you can purchase your software at conditions and rates that are favorable for you and get the most out of your current software contracts.

After the Cloud migration

After the cloud migration, it is important that everyone within the company walls learns to work properly with the new infrastructure. Thornstein Group has the knowledge to ensure that your work processes are streamlined after the cloud migration, so that switching to (a different provider of) cloud computing has as little impact as possible on work efficiency.

Thornstein Group: your specialist in IT sourcing

Many companies have already chosen Thornstein Group as their partner in a cloud migration. They based their choice for Thornstein on our strengths:

  • We are one of the largest consultancy firms in the Netherlands in the field of IT sourcing.
  • Our extensive experience of almost twenty years ensures that we can provide an appropriate solution to every IT problem.
  • Time and again, we ensure cost savings on IT budgets.

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