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Often, this question is difficult to answer! A requirement for answering is to have a view on possible alternatives and against which prices these alternatives can be realized. From experience, Thornstein Groep knows the downstream costs per deployment model and which variables can influence these costs.

Thornstein maps the costs for different alternatives to determine where it is possible to make the most savings. Support in request for proposals and negotiations is the favorite sport of every Thornstein expert.

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No Cure No Pay offer

As a result of many years of experience and build-up knowledge, Thornstein Groep has the confidence that every savings project that is picked up will result in a saving. Thornstein Groep has realized many savings of 50% or higher during such cost savings projects. Because of this we are able to offer every savings project on the basis of No Cure No Pay. As a client you will only pay a compensation for the services of Thornstein Groep if a saving is actually realized for you. This compensation will be a percentage of the actual cost saving.

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