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Are your IT costs too high?

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Saving costs is a challenge for many companies. It is not always easy to decide in which areas cost savings can be realized.

What is not clear to many companies is that it is almost always possible to make significant IT cost savings. Thornstein Group has made IT cost savings its business: we help you map out the costs and conditions of your IT contracts and put your finger on the potential savings.

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What could Thornstein group do for you?

We specialize in software purchasing at competitive rates and favorable conditions for our customers. However, cost savings can not only be realized when you purchase new software, but also when your current contract is still running.

We are happy to take a close look at your contracts and check whether you actually get what you signed for. If you are dealing with ‘additional work’, we will check whether this additional work can actually fall under the term ‘additional work’ in the light of your contract.

Furthermore, we are regularly deployed in the event of compliance claims. We have already been able to refute many compliance claims in whole or in part, thus ensuring that, for example, you are not unjustifiably forced to purchase more licenses for the software you use.

In short: our extensive knowledge of software contracts in all their forms and sizes enables us to conclude and apply those contracts to your advantage, which in the vast majority of cases results in a clear cost saving for you.

No Cure No Pay offer

As a result of many years of experience and build-up knowledge, Thornstein Groep has the confidence that every savings project that is picked up will result in a saving. Thornstein Groep has realized many savings of 50% or higher during such cost savings projects. Because of this we are able to offer every savings project on the basis of No Cure No Pay. As a client you will only pay a compensation for the services of Thornstein Groep if a saving is actually realized for you. This compensation will be a percentage of the actual cost saving.

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Saving IT costs of your business with Thornstein Group

Because of its many years of experience and accumulated knowledge, Thornstein Group is confident that every savings project that is taken up will result in savings. Thornstein Group has often realized savings of 50% or higher in such savings projects. This allows us to offer every savings project based on No Cure No Pay. As a customer, you only pay a fee for the services of Thornstein Group if a saving has actually been realized for you.

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Why customers choose us

Again and again, companies place their trust in us when it comes to software procurement. This trust is based not only on the visible cost savings our services provide, but also on things like:

  • Our experience

We have been involved in (cost saving in the field of) software procurement for almost two decades. We are now one of the largest agencies in the Netherlands.

  • Our flexible approach

Whether you want us to work within your company for a long time or whether you just want a consultation with one of our specialists: we are here for you. You decide how we can best be of service to you. Of course we can advise you on this.

  • Our specialized team with diverse expertise

We have a widely deployable team thanks to the various expertises of our specialists. For each specific issue we have the expertise that matches your issue.

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