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Are you in the middle of a takeover?

How to speed up the settlement?

Thornstein Groep successfully guided many big mergers, acquisitions and carve outs from its IT sourcing expertise. The core competences and expertise of our experts are very valuable in this process.

Helping hand

We help you with the strategic considerations that are combined with an integration or a segregation. Thornstein can guide your transition and create clarity. We advise you on the contractual unbundling and specific licensing issues. For this, attention to economies of scale, contract terms and licensing conditions are essential. Our specialists are aware of the accumulation of changing licensing rules and have the creativity to achieve advantages for your organization.

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What are mergers & acquisitions (IT)?

A Mergers & Acquisitions refers to a transaction in which two companies are merged. M&A transactions are a proven way to maximize growth or acquire talent and value. As soon as it becomes known that a merger or acquisition transaction is in the pipeline, this (normally) affects the share price of the parties involved.

Difference between mergers and acquisitions

Although mergers & acquisitions are often mentioned in the same breath, there is a slight difference between the two transaction types. A merger refers to the merger of two companies, which often continue together under a new company name. In a merger, the owners are similar to each other and continue as joint owners of the new, merged company.

An acquisition or takeover means that a target company is bought by another (usually larger) company. In this case, there is no equality between the parties and mutual agreement on shared ownership.  After the acquisition transaction, there is often no name change.

The role of our IT experts in M&A

With Mergers & Acquisitions as entrepreneur you would do well not only to focus on the strategic opportunities of the parties involved and the internal-political implications of such a transaction. Given the fact that IT in a modern organization is so intertwined with day-to-day operations and other business processes, attention to the upcoming IT integration process should be a permanent item on your schedule.

Do you want to avoid running into IT-related integration problems years after the official M&A transaction? Then Thornstein Group’s specialists are ready to assist you. We help you with the strategic considerations associated with integrations and segregations. Our experts guide and create clarity in the hectic transition period.

You can expect our advice on contractual unbundling and specific licensing issues. Attention to economies of scale and contract and licensing conditions is essential here. Our specialists are at all times up to date with the latest state of affairs regarding the continuously changing licensing laws and regulations and will use this knowledge to creatively achieve the greatest benefits for your organization.

Why outsource IT to Thornstein group during M&A?

Many entrepreneurs have already preceded you and turned to Thornstein Group in an M&A transaction. If you choose us, you can be sure of that:

  • You can expect cost savings now and in the future;
  • Our extensive experience of almost twenty years is always used for your benefit;
  • We always have an IT specialist in-house who can answer your specific questions.

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