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In negotiations with the bigger IT suppliers, there is often a lack of competition. IT suppliers are aware of their monopoly position and they (mis)use this. They know that they need to be expanding continuously or that it is logical to expand based on their technological product roadmap. When purchasing for expansion or non compliancy, it is often good to consider or even actually implement second-hand licenses from a competitive viewpoint.

Second-hand licenses can strengthen your negotiation position and sometimes even be used to obtain coverage.


Using BestBuyLicenses as a label of Thornstein Groep when purchasing new or second-hand software licenses provides great added value for the clients. We combine the best of both worlds.

Software licensing is a complex topic in which a lot of money is involved. But why buy new licenses if you can get the same second-hand software 75% cheaper?

Not a single company can operate without software. Whether it is Microsoft Office or a very specific, subject related application: without good IT facilities is it impossible to function properly.

Thornstein Groep is specialized in software and the way software can, need or is allowed to be deployed. Our services consist of deploying the right software in the most efficient way within the right business under the right conditions and pricing.

Expertise in the area of software licensing

Purchasing software is an investment that asks for expertise and a long term vision. At Thornstein you find both: we have different experts in our team who have their own expertise and used to work for different software vendors, allowing us to answer all your software purchasing questions.

We are working as an IT purchasing consultancy firm for nearly twenty years and are well aware of the IT market with its corresponding chances and pitfalls.

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