Adobe software offers creative, marketing, and document management solutions for the business users. We can easily view the range of second-hand Adobe software and show your interest in the software licenses. Because the range of licenses on the marketplace relates to second-hand software, you can save massively when you are buying Adobe software.

Adobe software functions

Adobe Software is used by businesses of virtually any size. From the self-employed person who is focussed on the design of logos, to the marketing section of big financial institutions. This does not only underline the versatility of the Adobe Software, but also shows that the Adobe Software is of good quality. In addition, Adobe Software serves several functions. As pointed out in the introduction, Adobe Software is generally used for creative, marketing, and document management solutions. The most commonly known of these are Photoshop and Acrobat. Yet, the opening of PDF files and editing of photos are by far not the only functions of Adobe Software. Other functions of Adobe Software are, for example:

  • The making of vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator
  • The designing of websites with Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Manage large quantities of photos with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Therefore, for many businesses it is attractive to buy Adobe Software

Adobe licenses for Mac and PC

Thornstein has both second-hand software from Adobe for Mac and Windows computers in its assortment. View our most recent offers and save on your IT budget. You can contact us for various editions of Adobe Software. Give your new employees the same software as your colleagues and supplement your licenses cheaply with second-hand licenses.

Anonymous and secure

In 2012, the European Court of Justice ruled that the buying and selling of second-hand software licenses is allowed. The copyright holder has no influence on the purchase and sale of licenses. The Court’s ruling is valid for both physical and downloaded software. This means that you, as a company, can buy second-hand software at an attractive price, but it also means that you can sell your surplus of licenses.

We offer you various options of second-hand software. So, for both the purchase of Adobe Software and the selling of obsolete licenses of Adobe, are you at the right address at BestBuyLicenses. Make an account directly to see the second-hand Adobe Software licenses offers. Do you have questions about specific licenses or about the possibilities to buy second-hand software? Please contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you!

You can also contact us for licenses other than Adobe Software. Think, for example, about an SAP license or a Microsoft license.