AutoCAD makes it possible to make technical drawings in which you can easily view the outline of a project and create the details within the project. This program is developed by Autodesk commissioned by the American Department of Defense. Over the years, the program has continued to evolve and is also commercially available. Nowadays, AutoCAD is use by companies, students, and non-profit organizations in engineering, civil engineering, surveying, and electrical engineering.

Offer second-hand AutoCAD licenses

As an IT supplier in second-hand software, we often have a complete range of AutoCAD licenses. For example, you can contact us for AutoCAD inventor Suite and AutoCAD Map 3d. AutoCAD is mainly used in architecture, surveying, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and spatial planning. Specific versions have been made for the most different applications. Examples of this are AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD MAP, and AutoCAD Architecture. A big advantage of this software is that the program is completely adjustable to your own wishes, due to the architecture of the program.

Selling AutoCAD licenses

It is possible that after a reorganization you have a surplus of software licenses for example. These licenses are then no longer used within the company and therefore you can capitalize on the value of the licenses. It is also possible that, as a company, there is a need for a newer AutoCAD version, which means that the current software licenses are unnecessary. For example, your old software licenses are no longer worthless, but have a residual value.

Contact without obligation

Do you have questions about the selling or purchase of AutoCAD licenses? Please contact us without obligation. To buy the AutoCad program is certainly an investment for a company or agency. It is, therefore, possible to obtain the same software for a considerably lower price. Our software is of good state and quality and so you will receive excellent software for a lower price. We are happy to help you with your questions about the AutoCAD licenses or other software licenses. You can also contact us for Adobe licenses, Microsoft licenses and SAP licenses. This way, you can offer your employees the programs they need to have.