IBM is an American IT company that has grown on a large scale with the development and production of hardware. Also, in the software area, it is impossible to not think about IBM: IBM makes it possible to make reports and analyzes data in a structured manner and to build large databases.

If you are looking for a partner who can assist you with smart purchasing of IBM licenses, Thornstein Groep will be happy to assist you. We have years of experience in the field of software purchasing and are happy to use this experience for you. This way, you are assured of the right amount of IBM licenses for the right purchase price.

Purchase your IBM licenses inexpensively

You are at the right place at Thornstein Group if you want to purchase IBM licenses in a well-considered manner.

Big software suppliers have the tendency to offer their products through opaque and ever-changing contracts. An advisor of Thornstein helps you to stand strong in the ‘game’ of software purchasing. He/she is known with the sales tactics of the big software companies and guide you through this, with the goal that you purchase the right number of licenses against the right price and other conditions.

What Thornstein Groep can mean for you

The Thornstein experts are at your service. For both advice and sourcing of software purchase, you have come to the right place. You can contact us for:

Software licensing

The specialized knowledge in the area of licenses for major software providers. Whether you want advise about licenses of SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Broadcom, or Microfocus: none of the big software company have secrets for our experts.

Thornstein can advice you on:

  • The right pricing of your licenses;
  • The amount of licenses that you legally need to purchase in your situation;
  • The final use of your licenses: what is allowed, and what is not allowed?

Compliancy claims

Software suppliers are increasingly making use of their right to carry out so-called compliance audits for customers using their software. Such a compliance audit often results in a compliance claim: the software suppliers makes it mandatory for your businesses to buy extra software licenses, because the current number is not legally sufficient.

Thornstein explains the regulations regarding software purchasing in the most advantageous way for you. This can save you a lot: in 99% of the cases, our experts are able to drastically reduce the compliancy claim.

Contract management

The terms of use of your purchased licenses are laid down in a contract. Software licenses are often tacitly renewed with the same contractually stipulated conditions, even when these are no longer advantageous or sometimes even downright disadvantageous for the company.

We check whether your current contract is being complied with by the supplier and is still fully relevant and up-to-date for you.

In short: Thornstein helps you to fully utilize your software contract management.

Need help purchasing your IBM licenses?

Purchase your IBM licenses smart and cheap? Our advisors are ready to look together with you for the best purchasing strategy for your company.