Thornstein makes it easy for you to purchase affordable Microsoft licenses. Through our platform, you will find it straightforward to find the second-hand Microsoft licenses that you need. This way you can easily, but effectively safe on your IT budget.

Purchasing second-hand software

Many companies cannot function without Microsoft’s software. This is why purchasing Microsoft licenses can take a big bite out of your IT budget. To start off, Microsoft Office is often needed: almost every office worker uses Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel on a daily basis, and PowerPoint is also an indispensable tool for many people’s daily work. The option to purchase these tools second-hand ensure that it is more profitable for you.

Why Thornstein Groep for your Microsoft licenses?

Through Thornstein you will find a cheap Office package. As an advisor in the area of software purchasing, we see that there is a big need for affordable, good software, including from Microsoft. At the time of compliance audits or negotiations with software purchasing, the question arose whether software could not be purchased cheaper, for example second-hand. This is the reason why we, besides our ordinary range of services, also function as a platform where providers and seekers of second-hand software can find each other.

Purchasing cheap Microsoft licenses? Thornstein Groep helps you further

Are you in need of Microsoft licenses and would you like it to be cheap? At Thornstein Groep you will find a cheap package of your choice. Get in contact with us if you are looking for a specific package or a specific number of Microsoft licenses. We are happy to help you with second-hand Microsoft licenses and are happy to answer your questions.