Thornstein Groep can assist you with the purchase of different types of licenses, like SAP, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle. Our specialists are educated in the regulations regarding software purchasing and compliance.

You are also at the right place at Thornstein Groep for thought out purchasing the right amount of Oracle licenses. We are familiar with the working methods of the major software license providers, like Oracle, and are informed of the rules of the negotiation game.

Save on your IT budget

Thornstein’s goals at all times is to let the customer be more profitable in the field of software licensing. The legislation and regulations concerning business software use is very extensive and open to various interpretations. The specialists of Thornstein know their way through the woods of the legislation and regulations and are happy to help you with all your questions regarding the purchase of software such as Oracle.

Services of Thornstein Groep

You can contact Thornstein for various aspects of software purchasing:

Software licensing

Thornstein helps clients to purchase their software licenses such as Oracle in the cheapest way. Our profound license knowledge ensures that we can always offer you customization and provide your business with the exact number of needed Oracle licenses, in full accordance with the laws and regulations in this regard.

Our years of experience and knowledge of the market ensures that we can always provide you with sound advice regarding the number of software licenses required in your situation and the correct, market-based price of those licenses.

Compliancy claims

In the case of compliancy audits, Thornstein Groep is your designated partner. In 99% of the cases, we are able to significantly reduce the claim or even completely reduce the claim imposed by software suppliers to 0 (Zero).

The advisors and licensing experts of Thornstein know the tricks and working methods of the big software vendors and already have successfully assisted many companies in compliancy claims.

Contract management

IT contracts are usually discussed in the closing stages of it, in other words, during the purchasing process of the business software. However, it is essential to keep the contracts in view even after the purchasing moment.

Thornstein is more than happy to take over this contract management from you. With contract management, you make optimal use of the possibilities that your software contract offers you and make good use of your contract. Also, Thornstein prevents that you pay too much or pay for services that are not provided.


Do you need a specialist for a longer period of time or on a project basis who can manage the sourcing within your company? Thornstein Groep has already deployed its advisors in different function within diverse organizations, for example as senior buyer, project manager procurement, or contract lawyer.

We are happy to lend our years of experience and expertise to your organization. Get in contact with us to discuss the possibilities.

Just enough Oracle licenses

With Thornstein, you are guaranteed of exactly the right number of Oracle licenses and make good use of your Oracle contracts. With our profound license knowledge, you are guaranteed of an efficiently deployed IT budget for both Oracle licenses and other licenses of major license suppliers.