SAP is the market leader in the area of business applications and offers software solutions which are used by small, medium and international businesses.

For the advise about and purchasing of SAP licenses, Thornstein Groep is happy to assist you. SAP licenses and other software licenses are often purchases without enough knowledge of the legal guidelines in this regard and with inadequate knowledge of the exact contract content.

Thornstein Group is based on years of experience in mediation in licensing. The added value that Thornstein Groep offers to the client with this experience, is reflected in the dramatic cost savings in the area of IT licenses.

Software licensing for SAP licenses

Thornstein can help you stand strong against the big software parties like SAP. The knowledge and experience of our advisors in the purchasing of software licenses from, SAP among others, makes the cooperation with Thornstein Groep a beneficial choice. Due to our efforts, most of our clients saved 50% or more on the purchase of SAP licenses and other software licenses.

Our services

Thornstein Groep is at your side with (your questions about) software purchasing, compliance, and contract management. Our services can be divided into the following sections, which are briefly explained below:

  • Commitment to software licensing
  • Advice on compliance claims
  • Contract management
  • Secondment
  • Outsourcing

Software licensing

Thornstein Group has consultants who have in-depth knowledge of laws and regulations in the field of software licenses. By engaging one of our software licensing experts, you can be assured that you are purchasing exactly the right number of software licenses as prescribed.

Advice on compliance claims

Software suppliers have an audit right. This means that they can perform checks on licensees of their software to reveal a possible shortage of licenses (“incompliancy”).

To perform a compliancy audit. which often turns out negative for the licensees, however, is not exact science. The software supplier will choose for the explanation for the additional sales. Thornstein helps you to challenge this state of affairs and knows the other, more advantageous, ways for you to interpret the legislation.

Contract management

Thornstein helps you to get a clear idea of the content of your contract. This is very important if you are about to renew your contract. There may be a lot of room for improvement and savings in case you change the contract. To following applies to your software contracts: knowledge is power. Thornstein Group is happy to assist you, with the knowledge of our experts, to give you the power to save money.


The experts of Thornstein Groep can internally help you to streamline your sourcing projects. Thus, Thornstein Group’s advisors have already been able to fulfill the following roles:

  • Category manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Software asset manager
  • IT buyer
  • IT legal expert
  • IT contractmanager

Your SAP licenses purchased inexpensively

Rely on Thornstein Group advisors to purchase your SAP licenses at a competitive rate and in exactly the right quantity. Thornstein will use your IT budget as efficiently as possible at all times and thus deliver you more than costs on balance.