Software licenses

Software licenses

Thornstein Groep: your expert in software procurement

No company can do without software. Whether it is Microsoft Office or very specific, subject-related software: without proper IT facilities, it is impossible to function properly.

Thornstein Groep specializes in software purchasing and the way in which software can and must be used. Our service consists of deploying the right software in the most beneficial way within your company under the right conditions.

Expertise in software licensing

Purchasing software is an investment that requires expertise and a long-term vision. At Thornstein you will find both: we have several experts in our team who all have their own expertise, so that we can answer all your software purchasing questions.

We have also been serving as an IT sourcing consultancy firm  for almost twenty years and we are very well aware of our market and the associated opportunities and pitfalls.

Smart purchasing of software licenses

You can contact us for different kind of software licenses, also second hand licenses. For example:

  • Microsoft licenses
  • Oracle licenses
  • SAP licenses
  • IBM licenses

Are you looking for a specific software product that is not listed? Contact us directly and ask for the options, we will be more than ready to support you!


Thornstein Groep: Our services

Our services revolve around the purchasing and usage of software licenses. In the light of this, our services consists of:

  • IT sourcing
  • Procurement advice
  • Contract management
  • IT tender support
  • Cost savings
  • Cloud migration
  • Compliancy claims
  • Merger & acquisitions
  • Business digital transformation
  • Second hand software

Please contact us for questions about software licensing. We are more than willing to talk to you!

Please contact us

Do you have questions about software licenses or software purchasing? The experts of Thornstein Groep can help you. Contact us directly.


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