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We will guide you to the best result

In a very complex environment, the Thornstein experts know how to lay down understandable and clear implementation and purchasing strategies. No theoretical models, but practical expertise that leads to well-founded choices. We lead the negotiations with your main IT supplier to a successful result. Experience, actual knowledge of the market and knowledge of possible alternatives shape the ingredients for success.

IT Sourcing benefits

We guide you to the best result
  • Scalability
  • Adapt quickly
  • Use all available expertise
  • Do what you are good at
  • Cost reductions through expertise
  • Experts who keep up with developments

Why choose for Thornstein Groep?

We already have supported many clients in different branches on IT sourcing and other IT procurement related services. They chose to outsource IT procurement activities to Thornstein for the following reasons.

One of the biggest independent IT sourcing consultancy firms of the Netherlands

Due to our size, we have a wide range of very specialized knowledge available. This is how we remove knowledge inequalities that normally arise between our clients and their software and IT suppliers. Do you choose for outsourcing IT procurement to Thornstein, then you can relay on IT purchases at the best in class conditions.

Nearly 20 years of experience

For nearly 20 years, we have been negotiating in the name of our clients with big software, cloud and IT providers. We are know all big software, cloud and IT providers and know the possibilities in the area of IT purchasing per provider.

Cost reduction

We are committed to reduce the costs of the IT budgets of all our clients. We do this by helping our clients to take full advantage of their current IT contracts (software, cloud and  IT sourcing), purchase new licenses at a competitive price, negotiate better pricing and significantly reduce compliance claims based on our expertise.

Different specialists with their own expertise

For every challenge we have the right IT procurement experts. Among our employees, all kinds of different areas of expertise are included. If you contact Thornstein with a specific question or assignment, you will always be helped by a specialist.

Hire specialists for IT outsourcing

Do you need intern knowledge and expertise in the field of software purchasing and contractmanagement? At Thornstein Groep you can get IT sourcing specialism: the specialists of Thornstein Groep are available for every role in IT sourcing, cloud contracting and the purchasing of software licenses. They ensure a strict and successful purchasing policy for you.

One address for all your IT purchasing

Based on our extensive market knowledge of IT suppliers, you can leave any IT sourcing tasks to us with confidence. We guarantee to deliver a positive result for your organization in the area of IT sourcing.

Additional services from Thornstein

The service of Thornstein in the area of IT sourcing disintegrates in different services. You can use our experts for:

Furthermore, we act as a platform for combining supply and demand of second-hand software.

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