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Do you also find IT procurement complex?

Correct, it is. Developments go quickly and every IT supplier has different sales models, licensing rules and deployment models. Even those change regularly. Developments are hard to keep track off, unless you make it your profession.

Thornstein Groep has experts with up-to-date and very detailed knowledge of the big IT suppliers. The roles under which we can bring in this knowledge for you are procurement project leader, senior IT buyer, category manager, IT contract management, vendor management, IT tender specialist or IT contract lawyer.

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What is procurement?

The definition of procurement is closely related to the definition of purchasing, in the case of Thornstein, the purchase of software licenses, cloud and other IT services. Procurement is wider than purchasing: it is not only about the actual purchase itself, so the operational work that is involved, but also the moments before and after the purchase.

Procurement is all about optimally integrating the purchase into the business processes. Therefore, procurement is not just the purchase, it also involves cases like storage management, inventory management, and material planning. The complete supply chain.

Thornstein Groep as your procurement consultant

The services of Thornstein Groep are only in the area of software purchasing. You can come to us for procurement advice on purchasing of software, cloud or other IT services. We have nearly 20 years of experience in IT procurement in different branches and we are happy to support you. As a procurement consultant you can deploy us in various roles. Our experts have their own area of expertise and are ready for you if you are, for example, looking for help with a compliancy claim from your software provider, advise about the purchase condition of your IT services, negotiating your cloud contract or for ways to realize a significant cost savings on your IT budget.

Why choose for a procurement consultant of Thornstein Groep?

If you choose for a cooperation with Thornstein, then this will bring different benefits for you. You choose for an expert of Thornstein Groep for one of the following reasons, for example.

Cost reduction

Every time, we deliver more than we cost. With our specialist knowledge of the IT market, we make sure that we realize a significant cost reduction on the IT budget of your company.

Strong position in your negotiations with software companies

We know all the sales games in the area of IT sourcing. When you choose for IT procurement via Thornstein, then we help you with closing contracts with IT providers against best fitting and favorable conditions.

No need to worry about your IT procurement

Do you want to outsource your entire IT procurement? Then we are the right partner with the expert knowledge of the IT business. We can take the entire IT procurement process out of your hands, but also provide you with procurement advice as you desire. Our services are as broad or as focused as you wish.

Our services

You can contact our specialists not only for procurement advice, but also for:

Besides above, we also bring supply and demand of second-hand software together.

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