IT tendering

Is IT tendering complicated?

We take away those complications

The IT tendering specialists and lawyers of Thornstein Groep advises you in taking the right process steps and substantive choices in your IT tender. As a result of this, the complications are taken away and your public IT tender will be successful.

The Thornstein Groep consultants transform your goals and needs into specific advise. We can guide the procedure entirely on your behalf or act as a sparring parting for your specific questions, depending on what you need.

team meeting overleg it diensten


  • Tender obligation, but no idea where to start?
  • Do you have a procurement need, but no idea how to translate this to an order? 
  • Are you struggling with the balance between lawfulness and effectiveness?
  • Is there a possible alternative for a (non-) public European tender?
  • Which choices can you make to get the best out of the market?
  • How can you involve the market with your tender?

IT substantive choices

  • Do you need an IT system, but have no idea about the right demands and wishes? 
  • In need of a replacement system, but searching for advise about the impact? 
  • Request a SaaS-solution, but looking for for knowledge about the associated pitfalls? 
  • Searching for a solution to your problem, but don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? 

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