IT tendering

Is IT tendering complicated?

We take away those complications

The IT tendering specialists and lawyers of Thornstein Groep advises you in taking the right process steps and substantive choices in your IT tender. As a result of this, the complications are taken away and your public IT tender will be successful.

The Thornstein Groep consultants transform your goals and needs into specific advise. We can guide the procedure entirely on your behalf or act as a sparring parting for your specific questions, depending on what you need.


  • Tender obligation, but no idea where to start?
  • Do you have a procurement need, but no idea how to translate this to an order? 
  • Are you struggling with the balance between lawfulness and effectiveness?
  • Is there a possible alternative for a (non-) public European tender?
  • Which choices can you make to get the best out of the market?
  • How can you involve the market with your tender?

IT substantive choices

  • Do you need an IT system, but have no idea about the right demands and wishes? 
  • In need of a replacement system, but searching for advise about the impact? 
  • Request a SaaS-solution, but looking for for knowledge about the associated pitfalls? 
  • Searching for a solution to your problem, but don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? 
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What is an IT tender?

A tender in general means that a client draws up an assignment and invites various parties to submit a quotation for the execution of that assignment. The parties submit an offer with price information and other information that would apply if they were to carry out the contract. The client then decides, on the basis of the quotations received, to which party he awards or awards the assignment.

An IT tender concerns companies that need certain software for their business operations, describe an order for this and ask software suppliers to quote this order.

Tendering advice for all your purchases

Thornstein Group gives you procurement advice on IT tenders. Our specialists are up to date with developments in the IT market and are familiar with the working methods of IT providers. They will help you see the wood for the trees in your IT tenders. You will get a clear picture of the possibilities you have. We are also happy to help you in the preliminary stage of the tendering process: we map out your wishes and requirements and formulate your purchasing requirements in such a way that you can draw up your tender unambiguously and clearly.

Choosing for Thornstein Groep: the advantages

  • Familiar face in the field of IT sourcing

By now we are well known in the field of IT sourcing: we are one of the largest agencies in the Netherlands and have already been able to use our experience with clients such as Delta Lloyd, Air France-KLM, KPN and Achmea.

  • Experienced specialists with a lot of expertise

For more than 20 years we have been the bridge between IT providers and IT buyers. We know the major software providers and their way of working and are familiar with contracting in the IT industry. We use this knowledge to secure a strong position for our clients: they are committed to advantageous, future-proof IT contracts with us.

  • Cost savings

Your IT budget is fixed, but did you know that with that budget you can do much more than you thought until now? We know what is possible within the software world and are happy to negotiate for you with major software providers. With us, you can purchase your software at conditions and rates that are favorable for you and get the most out of your current software contracts.

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