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Thornstein Groep offers a wide range of procurement and contract management services. Our focus is on sourcing of IT, cloud and software contracts, achieve cost savings, and solving of compliancy issues. Click on one of the topics to find more details about what Thornstein Groep can offer your organization. You can also contact us directly for a free consultation.


Always a suitable offer

With all our services the client can choose for the best suitable proposal, including the an offering based on fixed price, no cure no pay or an hourly rate. In nearly all situations we are prepared to make a result based commitment for the client, in which we get paid based on the results we deliver. This way, the threshold to engage with us in order for you to use the exceptional range of knowledge and skills of Thornstein Groep is lowered.

In times of temporary or structural understaffing of your purchasing organization we are able to resolve the situation with the secondment of one of our procurement consultants. The procurement organization of the client will be able to use the wide range of knowledge of all Thornstein Groep consultants directly then.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

IT sourcing
Are you looking for hands-on expertise?
In very complex environments, the Thornstein experts are capable to be comprehensible and clear about the purchasing strategies.
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Cost reduction
Are your IT costs too high?
Thornstein maps the different alternatives to determine where the highest savings can be achieved.
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Procurement advice
Do you also find IT procurement complex?
Thornstein Groep has experts with up-to-date and very detailed knowledge of all major IT suppliers.
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Cloud migration
Are you migrating to the cloud?
Thornstein offers realistic insights in the financial impact of the cloud migration and software licensing.
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Compliancy audit
Are you getting a license audit?
What should you do and do not do? In every phase of a license review, Thornstein experts can be very valuable for you. The setup of an optimal approach and a smart defense to achieve the optimal result for you.
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Cheaper software
Second-hand licenses interesting for you?
Since 2013, Thornstein Groep embraced the marketplace for second-hand software licenses for the benefits of it’s customers.
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Merger or acquisition
Are you in the middle of a take-over?
Thornstein Groep has guided a big number of mergers, acquisitions and carve outs from an IT perspective successfully.
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Digital business transformation
Improve and accelerate
Software and cloud offer organizations opportunities to improve and to accelerate. Which options offer the big IT suppliers?
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IT tenders
We take the complexity away
The IT tender specialists and lawyers of Thornstein advise you to make the right process steps and substantive choices in your IT tenders.
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