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In every stage of a license review, from the announcement up until the imposed claim by the IT supplier, Thornstein Groep has a lot of added value for their customers. We advice our clients about the optimal approach, mitigating and defensive measures and negotiate, if desired, with the supplier about the outcome of the license review or compliancy audit.

Profound license knowledge and experience with the major software license vendors, like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microfocus, Broadcom, VMware and BMC are the key for the successful result achieved by our experts. It is not uncommon for Thornstein Groep to get an imposed claim off the table completely.

No Cure No Pay

Due to the numerous years of experience and build-up knowledge, Thornstein Groep has the confidence that the settlement of a claim by Thornstein Groep can be handled completely on a no cure no pay basis. As a client, you will only pay a compensation for the services of Thornstein Groep if a reduction of the claim has actually been realized for you.

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