Our approach

As independent IT procurement experts in the Dutch market, Thornstein Groep has been advising enterprise organizations very successfully in the area of IT sourcing for nearly 2 decades. Our specialism is strategic advise on cloud & outsourcing contracts, software licensescompliancy claims, and the realizations of cost reductions on IT contracts.

Our approach always results in guaranteed success for our clients.

  • Phase 1 - Assessment
    In the first phase, Thornstein Groep makes an assessment and analysis of your IT contracts. Through combining these analysis with the current knowledge of the suppliers, the market, benchmark data and experience of Thornstein Groep, we are able to give our clients insights in the potentials to realize savings. From this analysis, we present a top-10 list of contracts with the highest potential.
  • Phase 2 - Determine objectives
    On the basis of the identified savings potential, we determine the objectives together with our client. These objectives are captured in a result commitment. With this commitment, we give the confidence that the objectives are realistic and the belief that they are achievable by us. We offer these result based commitments on a No Cure No Pay basis in case the client wishes that, so that our costs are only billed after the results are achieved.
  • Phase 3 - Achieve results
    During the execution of the project to achieve the intended results, Thornstein Groep will contribute all the required expertise and knowledge. This involves intensive cooperation with the customer organization, so that the right decisions can be made together and the relationship with the supplier is guaranteed. From the years of experience, Thornstein Groep expresses the confidence to every customer that the intended results have always been exceeded.

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